Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Campus Ladies, How I Miss Thee . . .

I know this is late news for those in the know, but I was just reminiscing* about the Campus Ladies show and damn it I miss it! Curses to you Oxygen network for not renewing it. It seriously was the only show in recent memory that I would look forward to watching. Maybe I loved the show because I had the glimmer of hope that I would one day be a Campus Lady, making my own clothes from Jo-Ann Fabrics (or Hancock Fabrics), going heavy on the blue eyeshadow and hair spray, and creepily obsessing over guys at least twenty years younger than me. Wait a sec, I can do all of these things now! All hope is not lost. But, seriously, now my days are spent hoping that an America's Next Top Model Marathon will come on VHI.

*not that I'm on a Fergie kick or anything, but doesn't that one line in "Glamorous" sound like she says "reminiscing on days when I had a Moustache"? That would be so much better than a Mustang.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Gloria! Gloria! I think you DO have my number.

Thanks bro for bringing this back into my little corner of the world. How could I have failed to give Kids Inc. the props it's due? The music, the dancing, the Martika, and the fashion, oh the fashion!

I think I experienced the temporary block due to my bitterness about not ever trying out for the show. Ladies and gents, I would have OWNED that show. Spastic dancing? Check. Off tune covering of the current 80s hits? Check. Hair just begging to be ratted and bangs to be placed and sprayed into a wave like formation? Check. Oh man, I would have dated Mario Lopez and been able to ride his tank topping, parachute panting, jheri curling, zippered jacketing coat tails for the rest of my life.

I indeed am the new sensation all around the nation.

P.S. I can't f'in believe that that's Fergie, oh wait, yes I can she's still as awful as ever